Property Tax Appraisers

Many property tax owners hire a real estate appraiser when they believe that their property is overtaxed.

Real estate appraisers are an integral part of a successful property tax appeal, and there are many important factors to consider when identifying the right appraiser for your property.

What to Consider When Hiring a Property Appraiser

Like many other kinds of professionals, property appraisers may specialize or devote a significant portion of their time to certain types of work. Businesses seeking to lower their property tax liability should specifically look for a property appraiser that specializes in property tax assessment appeals.

Many appraisers will concentrate their business on certain types of properties, for example there are appraisers that travel the country working exclusively on oil refineries or shipyards. Others may specialize in multi-family properties such as apartment complexes, retirement communities or property associations.

You will want to hire a property appraiser that does both significant work in assessment appeals and has experience with a property similar to yours.

Property Tax Appraiser Referrals

We all know that when looking to hire a professional, the best recommendations tend to come from business contacts or someone in the industry.

Robert Hill and his team have an extensive list of property tax appraisers throughout the country, many of whom specialize in specific types of property. They know the difference between a good appraiser and a great appraiser. Robert Hill is more than happy, without cost or obligation, to give you a recommendation on an appraiser that would be well suited to fit your needs.

Professional Designations for Property Appraisers

The appraisal community adheres to the highest of standards and ethics. The majority of appraisers that Robert Hill Law uses carry the designation of MAI, Member of Appraisal Institute, which is the highest achievement that is available to an appraiser. MAI’s are often hired as consultants and advisors in our important real estate matters.