Case Study: $8 million reduction for corporate headquarters

Corporate headquarters facilities often suffer from several forms of functional and external obsolescence. If an assessor doesn’t realize this, the property can be overtaxed, which is what happened with the corporate headquarters of this Fortune 500 medical technology company in Fridley, Minn. Using comparable sales and comparable assessment data, Robert Hill Law, in conjunction with […]

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Commercial property taxes: Should you appeal your rate?

To determine if an appeal is right for your commercial property, consider these questions.   Can your building accommodate multiple tenants? Single-tenant buildings are constructed with a specific purpose for a specific client. These buildings don’t hold the same value as multiple-occupancy buildings designed to attract a variety of credit-worthy tenants. Assessors sometimes confuse a […]

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Age, Maintenance, Sales Price

Three things to consider about your property tax assessment. There are three important factors to consider about your current industrial property tax assessment when determining if an appeal is the right next step.   Age: Has it been five or more years since the last property tax assessment? Industrial property owners often see a static market and […]

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